Two Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Light Up Your Backyard

The dark shouldn’t stop you from enjoying backyard activities such as swimming or barbecuing. Installing backyard lighting will allow you to continue the party long after sunset, enhance outdoor ambiance, and protect your home from hidden threats.

The three main types of illumination for the backyard are landscape lighting, which highlights garden features, safety lighting, and accent lighting, which puts the spotlight on the hardscape. You’d like to have all three types of backyard illumination to meet different lighting needs. Within each category, there are a number of options. Let’s shed some light on the top backyard lighting options so that you know what to use in your outdoor area.

  1. Security Lighting

Security lighting is the brightest type of yard light and is used to provide safety lighting for large areas. It can also be used to deter would-be thieves or dangerous animals. This lighting, which is powered by 120-Volt standard current, is placed in high places such as above garages or eaves to provide a wide beam of light onto the main walkways and the backyard fence entry.

Motion-sensing lights are the best option for security. They can be mounted on exterior siding and walls and have two or three bulbs that only turn on when sensors detect motion. They can fool prowlers into thinking that you are home, even though you’re not.

  1. Path Lighting

Path lighting can be dimmed to a moderate brightness to make it easier to navigate the walkways. It also highlights them. Install it along the walkway from your back door to the fence door. You can also install it along the stepping stones that lead from the walkway to backyard features like a fountain.

Low-voltage (12 to 15 V) and solar LED path lighting are often available. These options include a decorative housing unit that is attached to a stake. The low-voltage version will require a transformer to convert the 120-volt current from your house to 12 volts. Solar versions are energy-saving and do not need any extra wiring. These lights can be used even if the walkways are shaded. They will remain bright for hours, as long as you use a remote solar panel or a solar-rechargeable battery.

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