Maintaining a Pool With Broken or Damaged Equipment

Ensuring a clear and clean pool is essential for every pool owner. When unexpected circumstances lead to equipment damage, maintaining water quality becomes challenging. Fear not! This article provides practical tips to help you navigate and maintain your pool, even when facing equipment issues.

1. Remove Debris

To safeguard your damaged pool, promptly remove all debris. Whether leaves, twigs, or other organic matter, debris can cause surface damage and staining. Utilize a skimmer, robotic pool cleaner, and leaf net for thorough cleaning, especially after a storm. A meticulous cleanup prevents further complications.

2. Add Sanitizer

Maintaining proper sanitation levels is crucial for a clean and safe swimming pool. Despite a damaged pump, distributing chlorine is achievable with fast-dissolving chlorine. Regularly test chlorine levels, aiming for a minimum of 3.0-4.0ppm to uphold water quality.

3. Algae Growth Prevention

Damaged pools, especially in hot months, can become breeding grounds for algae. Stay proactive in preventing algae growth by adding a non-staining algicide. This step is vital, especially when the pool pump is not functional.

4. Circulate the Water and Agitate

Water circulation is pivotal for a healthy pool. In the absence of a working pump, employ alternative methods. A robotic pool cleaner, if power is available, circulates water and prevents algae growth. Additionally, manual efforts such as brushing pool surfaces or using a leaf net aid water flow and prevent stagnation.

5. Seek Professional Help

While the above tips offer temporary solutions, it’s imperative to seek professional assistance for a lasting resolution. A reputable pool company can assess equipment issues, ensuring your pool’s long-term functionality and health. Trust the expertise of professionals to promptly resolve damaged pool equipment problems.

Maintaining your pool during equipment challenges is possible with these practical tips. Remember, seeking professional help guarantees a sustainable solution for your pool-related concerns.

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